Book Updates! 

Sorry these updates are taking so long, university started recently so I’ve been busy getting the hang of things! 

I hope everyone is well and are enjoying their days! Hope you enjoy this update~ 

Also will soon update more on sketches, school work and a new online store for my art! Coming soon! 


Page two pencil shading!

Happy new year everyone I hope you’re all having a beautiful new years! Making some progress on the picture book with some shading but still a long way to go! Here also is a before and after style photo on how different the detail on the grass is now compared to my first book, time really does fly. 

May 2017 bring alot of beauty and colour to everyones life! 

The progress of page one and two of my new picture book! 

Good afternoon to you all! As some of you may know I am a selfpublished author illustrator and am currently working on my next project! There are some progress pictures of my designs of page one and two~ As i continue to do colour experiments I hope to find some support with this next project as I continue to keep you posted page by page! Each character and scene is designed to suit the story and takes lots of time to get the appearance and style of the book.

First few character designs for Maxwell


Clothes and eye experiements


storyboarding first few pages but then had to cut down


colour experiments for the first spread


finalised design for Maxwell


Commission completed! 

Hello everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates! Been very busy working on lots of things! More detailed snaps of my storyboarding process will be comming soon, so look out for the WIP of the second book! 

Here are the photos of the recent commission done for a very kind client. These style of commissions are suited for children’s room and can be designed especially for your child! 
Our client’s daughter has a particular interest in dinosaurs and appeared happy with the outcome! / pink and orange scenes are A4 and blue scene is A3, frames included/ 


Plesiosaur with mermaid- medium; craft paper, water colour, prisma pencil. Size : A3


Client’s daughter on a brontosaurus – medium; craft paper, water colour, prisma pencil. Size : A4


Faery and a stegosaurus- medium; craft paper, water colour, prisma pencil. Size : A3