Inktober #1 and Nanowrimo day 1


Finished inktober last month and this month I will be doing NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, where the challenge is to write 50 000 words towards a manuscript in November! Since I had no time to upload my inktobers last month due to school, for everyday of November I will be uploading a progress word count along with my inktober for that day. I did the #inktoberelves prompt by @ranefea starting with day one: IVY. My word count today reached 2 446 words towards my comic book manuscript.


Just updating on the sketches I’ve been doing! Been super busy with the holiday season but I’ll be keeping everyone posted next year when the book illustrations begin! 

Hope everyones enjoying the holiday season and are excited for Christmas comming up!

p.s sorry for the low quality images! And one picture has horrible proportions, but still thought would be nice to share~  Still need practise with the brush pen with the lineart aswell 

Wind down sketch after studying

Hello everybody! Just another short update, took longer than five minutes for each /maybe ten minutes?/ but wanted the sketches to look alot nicer especially since it’s done with my mechanical pencil! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful night and are having amazing days! 

Just some random sketches 

Hello viewers! heres just some sketches i did last week during my course. Just a bit of fun really each sketch didnt take too long~ It was hard to draw with most of the lights turned off! Here im sketching in my hand covered sketchbook! If anyones interested in putchasing a custom sketchbook such as these send over a message! 


The sketchbook in used for the work!