Updates on University and possible comic developments!

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your days while I’m busy with university! Working on some comic book developments and apologise for the lack of updates due to university workload. Hope you all enjoy the characters and letting you know that there is now a store to buy some of my artwork on shirts, mugs, bags, prints etcetera . Check it out here at redbubble.com/people/doanillustrator.


week 2: Chyrsanthemum Floater

familiar one

week 2: Berry Succulent


Oceanic Bloom



Progress images of the book “Who are you?” 

Just some old images of the progress to “Who are you?” just for those intrested innthe progress and steps to creating a defined final scene. (2014-2015) 

What the scene looks like before outlining stage! Strange isn’t it? Mediums; Watercolour and pencil!


Final image! With outlining images look much more defined and clear~ What do you think?


Work in progress of the cover~ Strange to see only half finished images of the final piece! My pikachu phonecharm seems to be peeking through the photo!


Just the watercolour of the forest lacks alot of vibrancy without the pencil


Only outlining to go!


Heavily defined with depth through tone and pen~