Inktober #1 and Nanowrimo day 1


Finished inktober last month and this month I will be doing NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, where the challenge is to write 50 000 words towards a manuscript in November! Since I had no time to upload my inktobers last month due to school, for everyday of November I will be uploading a progress word count along with my inktober for that day. I did the #inktoberelves prompt by @ranefea starting with day one: IVY. My word count today reached 2 446 words towards my comic book manuscript.


Half way into the book! 

The book is almost half way done! It’s been a difficult scene to get right but I’ll be working hard to keep up the updates. I hope everyone is enjoying their days and that the heat isn’t too intense if you’re from Australia! 

May all your days be beautiful and thank you for viewing! 

Copic Ciaos

This is the first time doing a proper sketch with copics since year 8! Didn’t know much about them back then and obvious I still need practise now but I had alot of fun! Hope you enjoy my first attempt and my lining with the daiso brush pen. With more practise hopefully it’ll be get better. Stay updated and enjoy your night everyone!

Daiso Brush pen! 

Daiso opened near me recently and I had the privlege of going to the openning! Brought a brush pen from there and its been amazing! Here’s some random sketches with it, don’t mind the awkward proportions or random lettering practising, just having fun! 

Hope everyones having as much fun as I am with this brush pen! Have a good day! 

Space buns!

I actually like school, just the character herself looked fed up.

First ever practise

Progress images of the book “Who are you?” 

Just some old images of the progress to “Who are you?” just for those intrested innthe progress and steps to creating a defined final scene. (2014-2015) 

What the scene looks like before outlining stage! Strange isn’t it? Mediums; Watercolour and pencil!


Final image! With outlining images look much more defined and clear~ What do you think?


Work in progress of the cover~ Strange to see only half finished images of the final piece! My pikachu phonecharm seems to be peeking through the photo!


Just the watercolour of the forest lacks alot of vibrancy without the pencil


Only outlining to go!


Heavily defined with depth through tone and pen~