Sketches from the past couple days! 

Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is having pleasant week this week, the end of almost near for the seniors of Adelaide. Here’s some sketches done in watercolour pencil (derwent), derwent coloursofts and other materials. Don’t mind the proportions as they were just some fun sketches to try the materials, have a good evening and may happiness find you all! 

Illustration of a smoothie bowl in a succulent

Some gem bots for my new book?

Bad proportions woops: dreamer

How I am in the mornings


SACE Art Show Interview

Sorry it’s been a month since you’ve gotten any updates, life has been quite a hassle lately but you’ll be glad to know I’m beginning to get back on track after all my tests and assignments! For now here’s the video I partaken in for the SACE Art show.

This was from the Meet the Artist afternoon and have been very fortunate to partake in this afternoon. I hope everyone is having a lovely day today and may life bring you happiness!

This video is of me explaining the process I had taken to create my art piece for the show, it also looks at the motivation behind my work and the symbolism i incorporate into my artwork.

Water Shed art prize! 

Hello lovelys! Due to unforeseen circumstances adding to the stress if my studies /final year of secondary schooling/ I have been unable to maintain my daily digital sketch but hopefully once I get back into the gist of my studies I’ll begin to upload some character designs. Anywho~ Although I didn’t win the competition I was awarded the highly commended and I am very thankful for that. So now I can finally show you what I’ve been working on! 

Hope everyone has had a good holidays and wishing everyone some warmth in Australia. Have a wonderful night!


Here’s my first ever youtube video credit to Louis Bianchini for doing the filming! <- Louis Bianchini’s channel.

Planning to further vlog or have videos looking at my various projects in the future but here’s a little introduction for you all!

SACE Art work and school’s artsnight!

Here’s a slideshow of some of the images from my school’s artsnight with myself within some of the shots. I hope you enjoy! SACE Arts show will be opening after the 18th of March at the Light Square Gallery Adelaide.

Currently am working on a commission to do similar styled work for a client. Have brought the frames and card already and have already began drafting some of the designs! Feel free to message me on my facebook page or through my contacts if you’d also be interested!

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SACE art show, Always running out of time storyboard

Good evening fellow viewers, sorry for the lack of update exam week is a busy week indeed. Just wanted to get the blog up to date with my artwork which has been recently selected for the SACE art show at the Light Square Gallery in Adelaide, further notice of the Shows exhibition dates will be made known for all to visit! (Feel free to message is anyone would like to commission a piece of artwork like this, includes framing and all, great for children’s rooms and display)

The story features a girl who runs away from the pressures, issues and expectations of society and from those within her life. Many can relate to how overwhelming these issues may be, from body image, self esteem, expectations of being smart, fitting into a crowd and facing ourselves sometimes the harshest critic of all. Art was always my escape, my dream land, by safe haven, and I hope that you all can reach out to me or others when needed because sometimes life can be  overwhelming, especially within our own minds. Have a good evening and please enjoy.

This artwork has been inspired by the song ‘Always running out of time’ by Motion City Soundtrack please have a listen.


Scene one, girl running away from reality. 


Scene two, girl running away from her issues with body image. 


Scene three, girl finds a little hope which she chases as it flies away. 


Scene four, girl runs away from her expectations of intelligence (in a form of a bird like creature) 


Scene five, girl runs away from the pressure of fitting in represented by a robot. 


Scene six, girl runs away and gets trapped by her negative internal self. 


Scene seven, girl is overwhelmed by the expectation,pressures and issues within her life. 


Scene eight, girl is offered a helping hand from reality encouraged to face her fears. 


Scene nine, girl decides to go back to reality to face her issues.


Scene ten, girl falls back to reality. 




Hello fellow viewers! 

I am yet to finish updating the site with my more recent work which has been selected for the SACE art show however this news is too exciting to miss! 

Just in today on page nine of the the south australian messenger newpaper I have my own article!