Page two before pencil shading!

Hope everyones prepared for a very happy new year! It has been a big year this year, with many bad and good times as well. We can only pray for a better, brighter year next year. Big year for Emily Doan Illustration next year with the launch of the next book ‘What If’ and I hope everyone is enjoying the updates! 

May you all have a beautiful night! 

Page two! 

Just some short updates on how page two is going, ready to get working again after the christmas break! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holidays and had a very merry christmas or seasonal break that they deserve! 

Finally working on the artwork for my book! 

Hello friends! Just updating you on the progress for my book, What if, these are some pictures of my desk setup for this project and some pictures of the details of the artwork. I hope you enjoy and be prepared for continuous updates on the pages! Currently working with St Petersburg White night watercolours and Prisma coloured pencils on Arches watercolour paper 185gsm. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season and having a happy holidays! 

Sunflower Handmade Travel companion for sketchbooks! 

Beautifully crafted travel companion for my sketchbook and pencils/markers! Been using my markers alot so that’s why they’re in there now. A big thanks to Sunflower Handmade (for getting the product done so quickly meeting all my artistic needs. Beautiful fabric and quality of work, reconmended to other artists who want a pencilcase and sketchbook carrier in one or for parents who want little activity kits for their kids!


Just updating on the sketches I’ve been doing! Been super busy with the holiday season but I’ll be keeping everyone posted next year when the book illustrations begin! 

Hope everyones enjoying the holiday season and are excited for Christmas comming up!

p.s sorry for the low quality images! And one picture has horrible proportions, but still thought would be nice to share~  Still need practise with the brush pen with the lineart aswell 

Copic work! 

Just experimenting more with blending skintone! I hope youre enjoying the pieces I’m enjoying learning the medium very much! May you all be having a pleasant day and comment any other artwork suggestions of what you want to see next! 

Copic sketch on Arches paper

Still learning how to use this new medium and it looks much better on Arches watercolour paper than the Moleskine plain notebook paper. Still seeps through however looks nice. Not perfect as I need to work on the line work alot more and learn to blend better and add highlights with tone. Either way I hope you enjoy!