More sketching with the Copic Ciaos

Just a sketchbook update for you all hope youre enjoying your evening and are feeling wonderful as you all are!

Copic Ciaos

This is the first time doing a proper sketch with copics since year 8! Didn’t know much about them back then and obvious I still need practise now but I had alot of fun! Hope you enjoy my first attempt and my lining with the daiso brush pen. With more practise hopefully it’ll be get better. Stay updated and enjoy your night everyone!

Daiso Brush pen! 

Daiso opened near me recently and I had the privlege of going to the openning! Brought a brush pen from there and its been amazing! Here’s some random sketches with it, don’t mind the awkward proportions or random lettering practising, just having fun! 

Hope everyones having as much fun as I am with this brush pen! Have a good day! 

Space buns!

I actually like school, just the character herself looked fed up.

First ever practise

Sketches from the past couple days! 

Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is having pleasant week this week, the end of almost near for the seniors of Adelaide. Here’s some sketches done in watercolour pencil (derwent), derwent coloursofts and other materials. Don’t mind the proportions as they were just some fun sketches to try the materials, have a good evening and may happiness find you all! 

Illustration of a smoothie bowl in a succulent

Some gem bots for my new book?

Bad proportions woops: dreamer

How I am in the mornings


Women; although we are flowers it does not mean we are not strong. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,  may everyone stay safe and love one another. I hope you like this sketchbook piece! 

Wind down sketch after studying

Hello everybody! Just another short update, took longer than five minutes for each /maybe ten minutes?/ but wanted the sketches to look alot nicer especially since it’s done with my mechanical pencil! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful night and are having amazing days! 

Figure drawing break

Finding the five minute per pose timing super useful when taking study breaks to ensure I get atleast fifteen minutes of practise everyday. Also a little watercolour that I deem as a fail but what do you think? 

Have an amazing night /or day if you’re on the other side of the planet! 

These may not look perfect but it’s the practise that counts! p.s I apologise for low qualitiy pictured, it’s 12:30 am and just finished studying before updating