Last update for the night~

No new photos but I’ve recently been accepted into the Water Shed Art prize exhibition. The exhibition will be open from the 30th of April to the 29th of May at the John Harvey Gallery, South Australia. Also the SACE art show is still open and displaying my work. I’ll be posting my art work at the exhibition once it opens!


New children’s book drafting!

Just an update to let you all know that I’ve done my drafts for my picture book and these are only thumbnails as I don’t want to show the rest of the drafts. Currently working on redrafting as there’s lot of room for improvement!

Hope you like these updates and once there’s more character design and colour designing then I should be able to post more!

Feel free to email any inquiries about self-publishing or the children’s book making process!

The picture of the girl is finished!

Hello everybody! I’ve been having a rough week but it’s finally done! On my holiday’s I’ll continue finalising my draft for my picture book. The mockup has been finished but some key scenes need to be redone, can’t upload too many sneak peaks but the images I won’t use for the book I might upload so you can see the drafing process!

Have a wonderful night and a blessed weekend. Hope you enjoy the painting!


Nature’s beauty

WIP of girl

Hello lovelys! How is your evening doing?

Currently working on a character rather than a landscape today, but landscapes will resume after this piece. Theres a bit more to her design than this but you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow! This are looking a bit busy so I apologise.

Have a wonderful day and may sunshine and rainbows enter your lives.

girl wip

every-two-days-ish daily digital painting!

It’s been determined that with other work that needs to be done at home it is extremely hard to get these out everyday, holiday break will be soon so hopefully I can keep up in the two week break. This piece is called biology gone wrong, and features my current favourite cabbage head guy!

Hope you’re all enjoying the week and may happiness overfill within your lives!

biology gone wrong 11.4.16 copy

Dailyish digital painting day two/ish.

Evening everybody! This weekend has been super busy so my daily digital image only just got finished so late upload, but I start yesterday. I hope that counts. Digital painting takes longer than I predict when I have to finetune detail but I hope you’ll all still enjoy it!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!